Leaving the pavement and walking among rocks, roots and dirt has more benefits than you can imagine. Walking is one of the primary actions that characterize the human being. We are designed to walk long distances on foot, and it is estimated that our ancestors, hunters and gatherers, travelled distances between 6 and 16 km daily. Until 10,000 years ago, humans lived mainly in natural caves and relied on hunting, gathering, and fishing. Therefore, I leave you 5 benefits such as the following:
  1. This activity may be our most natural form of exercise and humans do it. We have learned on irregular surfaces full of nature around us.
  2. Walking among nature, as on the Marcos y Cordero trail, reduces high blood pressure and improves balance. Also, we are talking about making it accessible to all people with any physical condition and age.
  3. Increase happiness while reducing your stress. Walk among nature, It helps reduce stress and anxiety, in the same way that it generates well-being and happiness.
  4. Several studies show that this activity can stimulate creativity and help improve the ability to concentrate.
  5. Walking a trail can strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation in the body.

If you contact me, I will be your taxi driver to Marcos y Cordero, I will take you to this wonderful place so that you can experience for yourself the benefits of doing an activity in full nature, such as walking the Marcos y Cordero trail, the most visited trail on the island of La Palma.